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You Understand The Principle Of Car Radiator And Its Development Prospect

Dec 23, 2016

Auto radiators are an important part of automobile engine cooling system, car radiators are used to the water jacket coolant from the hot part of the engine absorb heat into the air. Therefore, the radiator directly influences the performance of automobile engine cooling, turn the vehicle's power, economy and reliability will have a big impact. With the improvement of automotive engine speed and power, thermal loads and higher, are increasingly high demands on cooling systems, cooling system including radiator, increased emphasis on research, new technologies, new materials are constantly emerging. Auto radiator is moving in the direction of the light, efficient and economic development. Auto radiator materials and manufacturing technology has developed rapidly. Aluminum radiator with its obvious advantages in the lightweight material, in the field of passenger car and light-duty vehicle to gradually replace copper radiator while copper radiator manufacturing technology and the development of technology has come a long way, especially copper brazing technology make cuprobraze radiator performance in many ways, and in passenger cars, construction machinery, heavy trucks, engine radiator has obvious advantages.