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Winter Copper Radiators Have Those Improper Use

  Winter Copper Radiators have those improper use

  Winter Copper Radiator has those use improper place, winter use Copper Radiator, if the use of improper, will cause the Copper Radiator cooling temperature reduction, heating costs began to increase, then in the winter when the Copper Radiator, the use of those Copper Radiator improper? Let's take a look at it now.

  Winter Copper Radiators have those improper use

  A. Put something on the Copper Radiator

  People always want to make good use of their home heating, fixed a plank on the top, and then put a cup or a few books, there is or put a bottle of flowers, space is used up, but the impact of the air convection, the original did not separate things, heating can be to 20 ℃, plus the clapboard can only reach 18 ℃, directly lead us to heating, the speed of heating, and the effect of heating is poor.

  Two. Unreasonable room layout

  Most families like to put the sofa in front of the Copper Radiator, in fact, this is a heat sink is quite detrimental to the Copper Radiator, Copper Radiator heat is like we look in the mirror, the place to be able to take the heat exchange, otherwise there is no effect. In other words, the heating device is placed on the back of furniture, Copper Radiator even in operation, the body does not feel the heat.

  Three. Copper Radiator Surface Coating

  At present, we use the Copper Radiator is mostly Copper Radiator, this Copper Radiator, mainly to radiation transmission. such as steel plate Copper Radiator, cast iron Copper Radiator, and so on, the surface radiation heat transfer of 50% of the total heat, and the other 50% is to spread out, is the comprehensive performance of the two modes of heat transfer. If the user of the plate-type Copper Radiator brush on the surface of silver powder, it will lead to a reduced radiation capacity of 10%, the radiation capacity of 30%, the total heat dissipation will immediately drop 10%.

  Heating season Copper Radiator Protection-method

  1, Discharge valve: The Copper Radiator is part of the heat phenomenon need to use the vent valve. Open the air valve to release the gas until the gas is discharged. When there is water overflow, close the vent valve.

  2, Antifreeze: In the winter, if the Copper Radiator long-term shutdown, should pay attention to antifreeze, when necessary, the Copper Radiator water all emptying.

  3, Steam Protection: In the use of steam heating system, should be added protective measures to avoid burns.

  The above is the winter Copper Radiator has those use of improper content, hope to help you.