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What Is The Reason For The Water Or Oil Floating In The Auto Radiator?

Oct 11, 2017

What is the reason for the water or oil floating in the Auto Radiator?

The main function of the automobile radiator is to avoid the long use of the car, resulting in a high temperature of the car caused by the undesirable consequences of a device configured. No matter how high-end cars, radiators are essential. If the car's temperature exceeds the maximum heat it can withstand, it is likely to cause the parts of the car to burn out, even if the car is spontaneously spontaneous.

So about the Auto Radiator problem, is very worthy of our owners friends care, sometimes we open the radiator lid, will find some oil floating above, when we change the oil, often will find that contains water, then what is the cause of it? How can we tell what's wrong? How to deal with it?

First, what caused the Auto Radiator water floating on the oil, or the oil has moisture?

1 Cooling System

Coolant circulation System is a very important part of our car, it is mainly in our radiator work, help the radiator to reduce the temperature of the car, if the coolant circulatory system has problems, then it is very easy to lead to bad circulation, causing the floating in the radiator has grease.

2 Lubricating Oil Circulation system

Lubricating oil circulation system and coolant circulation system are the important accessory of auxiliary radiator work, the two complement each other, if the isolation of the two has a problem, it is likely to cause our radiator to float oil in the water.

3 oil pressure is too high

If in the course of our car, the engine oil pressure is too high, more than the cooling water pressure, then the oil can easily leak from the cracks to the cooling water, resulting in our radiator floating there is grease.

Second, when the radiator of the car floating oil, or oil in the water, how can we determine what the problem is?

1 problems with the engine body

If in the course of driving, we found that the oil contains a lot of water, then it is likely that the engine in the process of the engine itself has been a problem.

2 Engine Parts problems

The engine is one of the most important parts of our car, if there is grease on the surface of the situation, then it is likely that the oil pressure is not well controlled, the engine parts have some unforeseen problems.

Third, how to deal with the Auto Radiator water floating oil, or oil in the problem of moisture?

1 repeatedly Add water

When encountering the Auto Radiator water floating oil, or oil in the problem of moisture, we can remove the thermostat, and then repeatedly add water to start the car, again repeatedly add water, with the heat of the oil residue grease completely clean.

2 oil removal of sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is a corrosive industrial oil removal, we must be careful to use, the appropriate consistency in advance, because we have to prevent the corrosion of sodium hydroxide engine, but also play the role of oil removal. After use, we must use a lot of water to clear the waterway.

3 Cleaning of gasoline

This is the way we do not recommend it, because if we are not employed by professionals, it is likely that there will be danger and threaten our personal safety. We can clean the petrol, but we must put the electric fan beside the cleaning to prevent the petrol from exploding.