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Understanding Of Auto Radiator

Jul 20, 2017

  Understanding of Auto Radiator

  The weather gradually heat up your radiator how, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out some why to install the appropriate radiator, is not the greater the better heat dissipation capacity?

  1. As most objects are inflated after heating, Auto Radiator the higher the temperature, the greater the expansion. Parts of the internal combustion engine in the work of thermal expansion, will make parts deformation, excessive expansion, so that the complex with the parts of the normal gap between the damaged.

  2. Metal parts at high temperatures will reduce the strength, not a good job.

  3. Lubricants at high temperatures, its viscosity should be greatly reduced. If the viscosity of the lubricating oil is reduced, the bearing capacity of the oil film is reduced, Auto Radiator and good lubrication can not be maintained in the movement attachment, which exacerbates the wear of the part. While the cylinder wall temperature is too high, will make the combustion chamber into the lubricating oil quickly burned, causing the consumption of lubricating oil increased, and the combustion chamber carbon deposition.

  4. When the temperature inside the cylinder is too high, the cylinder inflation coefficient decreases. Gasoline engine is also prone to deflagration. But it should be noted that the cooling must be appropriate, too much cooling will bring a lot of adverse consequences to the engine:

  1. The cylinder temperature is too low, the fuel can not be completely burned, with the exhaust gas, so that fuel consumption increased.

  2. Lubricant viscosity at low temperature increases, so that parts in the movement of the friction increases, consume more power, thus reducing the output power. At the same time, Auto Radiator the penetration of lubricating oil decreased, there may be no movement of the lubrication of the situation, increase wear.

  3. The temperature is too low and the thermal efficiency of the engine is reduced.

  4. After the combustion of water vapor and sulfide in the low temperature is condensed into a liquid called sulfuric acid, can corrosion parts; cylinder in the case of long-term low temperature work, but also easy to wear.

  5. In the gasoline engine, if the temperature inside the cylinder is too low, then the mixture of gasoline in the steam will be part of the condensation in the cylinder wall, Auto Radiator into the crankcase to make the oil deterioration.

  6. Cylinder chill, so that emissions deteriorate.