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The Influence Of Scale Of Auto Radiator

Oct 20, 2017

Auto Radiator is an important component of automotive cooling, so the owner must be good to keep you good car Auto Radiator. Auto Radiator once the scale will have serious consequences, the following follow us to look at the following:

First of all, the high temperature caused by metal expansion, thus breaking the normal fit with the mechanical parts, to increase the mechanical parts should not wear, shorten the engine life. And even burn the cylinder pad, spark plug, piston and other important parts, melting valve, valve seat out will be the occurrence of this.

Second, because the machine high temperature, so that the viscosity of lubricating oil is not conducive to normal lubrication, so that both the destruction of the normal oil film, but also to promote the early aging of oil and carbon deposition again in the water jacket in the sedimentation, it must The theater of a certain volume will reduce the cooling water capacity, while the scale viscosity in the cooling system and the surface of the pipeline to increase the resistance of cooling water.

And then the scale is often narrow in the cooling, the gap at the first sedimentation and clogging, the formation of local cooling water overheating and gasification, causing rigid body thermal imbalance, especially in the near exhaust valve slit, resulting in cylinder rupture, also Often happen.

Finally, after a thicker scale in the cooling system, if the temperature is still controlled by the original standard, the temperature in the combustion chamber will be higher, the normal temperature of the combustion.