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Structure Of The Car Radiator

Car radiator is water cooled engine of the automobile is an indispensable and important part of the cooling system, is moving in the direction of the light, efficient and economic development. Auto radiator structures constantly adapt to new developments.
Radiator core is made up of many fine cooling tubes and heatsink, and flat circular section cooling tubes are used to reduce air resistance, increasing the heat transfer area.
Radiator core with enough flow area and allow coolant to pass, but also should have enough air flow area, allow enough air to take the coolant to the radiator heat. Must also have sufficient heat to complete the cooling fluid and air between the heat sink and the heat exchange.
Tube-radiator is made of corrugated bulk tropical and cooling tubes and white arrangement made by welding.
Compared with the radiator, it tube-radiator under the same conditions, the heat can increase by about 12%, heat sink with a similar disturbances are arranged on the shutter hole to ruin the flow of air in the tropics on the surface of the substrate, increase the cooling capacity.