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Some Small Knowledge To Protect The Radiator Of Automobile Engine

Oct 11, 2017

Some small knowledge to protect the radiator of automobile engine

Car cooling system which problems will cause the engine high temperature?

First, the cooling system in the oxidation of rust or scaling, so that the circulation of cooling fluid blocked;

Second, the radiator surface is dirty, there is oil and other sundries, so that the radiator can not be normal cooling, oil and debris to reach a certain thickness when the surface of the radiator is covered with a layer of heat insulation, not only can not heat, but play the role of heat preservation;

Third, the cooling system mechanical failure (fan angle, fan belt loose, coolant leakage, pump damage, oil cooling nozzle damage, the temperature of the damage, etc.).

How to solve the above problems caused by engine high temperature? I am engaged in the operation of the technical management of the locomotive for several years, to deal with the above-mentioned problems of the practice elaborated, together with everyone to explore:

First, to understand the automotive cooling system in the oxidation of rust or scaling, so that the coolant circulation blocked failure is how to form. I think it is the driver can not use the coolant correctly, such as the winter a lot of motorists are able to use antifreeze, but in the spring and summer and autumn three seasons, many motorists in the coolant when the reduction of the supplement is not antifreeze, but water, and even the cooling system is all water. Because water circulates in the cooling system (the water is composed of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms), it causes oxidation and rust in the inner wall of the cooling system, and there are many minerals in the water that increase or decrease the temperature of the engine when it is running. The rust and scale make the inner wall of the cooling system become worse, and the cooling fluid circulation is obstructed.

It is suggested that motorists should use the antifreeze, which is consistent with national standards for a long time, because the main ingredient of antifreeze is composed of ethanol, glycerin and additive, which will not cause the inner wall of the cooling system to be oxidized and rust, and will not produce scale, but the additive in antifreeze has the function of descaling and The use of two-year replacement, to maintain the cooling system as well as the new, is to solve the cooling system wall thickening, cooling performance, cooling fluid circulation of the best way to hinder.

So how does the cooling system of a vehicle use water as a coolant? Suggest one year for a cycle, remove the radiator, and then remove the water room, with Rod pass to the radiator wall of rust and scale, so that the inner wall as new, normal circulation.

Second, the radiator surface dirty, oily and other debris deposition, is the most easily ignored by motorists, because the radiator metal surface cleaner heat dissipation performance, conversely, the worse the thermal performance.

It is recommended that motorists regularly clean the surface of the radiator and the interlayer of the intercooler, so that the surface is clean as new, so that the engine in any operating state to maintain the appropriate temperature.

Third, do a good job in the day-to-day maintenance of vehicles, carefully check the cooling system mechanical components, such as fan angle, fan belt tightness, pump operation is normal, radiator and water pipe leakage, oil cooling nozzle is damaged. To do regular maintenance, peacetime can not check the project to the fixed-point repair shop Please professional inspection, must not procrastinate, small trouble dragged into a big fault, not only increased repair costs, but also affect the normal operation of vehicles.

As long as the majority of motorists in accordance with the above-mentioned methods often maintained, check, can ensure that the engine in any operating state to maintain the appropriate temperature, effectively avoid the high temperature, heat dissipation caused by the engine high temperature, to avoid the pull cylinder, hold the tile, cylinder, ramming cylinder, piston hit the top and other locomotive accidents occurred.