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Select The Reason For The Aluminium Radiator

  Select the reason for the Aluminium Radiator

  Aluminium Radiator in today's society has been widely used by more and more people of all ages. So, what function does it have to get so much of the heart? Let us decrypt it now!

  Aluminium Radiator is a welding process will be used to heat pipe (low carbon steel) and cooling wings (aluminum) synthetic heating radiator, commonly known as radiator. The use of automatic spiral expansion process, expansion without gaps, the surface of the new technology using electrostatic spray, 180 degrees high temperature curing, after several 100% airtight pressure detection, working pressure of 1.5mpa. Products can be made into different models of various specifications, widely used in residential quarters, villas, dormitories, factories, hotels, office buildings and other public buildings.

  1, good heat dissipation. The biggest feature of the Aluminium Radiator is that the heat dissipation is 30% faster than the conventional cast iron radiator.

  2, the quality is very solid. The quality of the Aluminium Radiator is much more stable than that of the conventional cast iron radiator.

  Aluminium Radiator cost-effective, Aluminium Radiator varieties, style, a lot of color, with any interior decoration style match.

  Such as common corners, arc-shaped, bamboo stool-shaped and bathhouse public shape and more than 200 kinds of colors. And the name of the radiator name through the electrophoretic paint, spray cover, the deposit is clean, no edges and corners, to prevent bump, no purification and other characteristics. Plus full performance. Aluminium Radiator can have a lot of additional performance, such as the application of profiled profiles radiator can do the building in the screen, fence, seat and ladder handrails.

  3, diverse shapes, color and more election.

  4, thermal performance is good, can get a higher convection heat, with the highest thermal comfort.

  5, a short time heat dissipation, cooling effect is obvious.

  6, light weight, high pressure, can be used for high-rise or high-rise buildings, with all types of housing decoration match, without secondary decoration.

  7, low production costs, product quality and affordable.

  Aluminium Radiator advantage is advanced and irreplaceable, I believe in the future development of the road will be farther and farther, will be more welcomed by everyone. Let's look together!