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Quality Standards For Inspection Aluminium Radiators

Aug 03, 2017

  Quality standards for inspection Aluminium Radiators

  With the continuous progress of the times, today's Aluminium Radiator more and more common, choose high-quality profile radiator is very important, let us learn how to choose the following high-quality Aluminium Radiator it!

  First of all, when we buy, we should pay attention to the product label. A good radiator factory will clearly indicate the weight of the radiator, heat, the pressure and the area that can be heated.

  Secondly, we should pay attention to the quality of profile radiator welding. Touch it to determine whether it is smooth. Weigh the weight of the radiator, which is to determine whether the thickness of the radiator plate standards, the manufacturer is the easiest way to cut corners.

  Selection of high quality accessories

  Profile radiator parts quality problems and the quality of the installation of materials is one of the main causes of heating water leakage. There are some poor plumbing accessories distribution center, and some businesses in order to save costs, the procurement of poor quality plumbing accessories, which is easy to heat leakage, to the consumer caused economic losses. Therefore, we should go to the regular market selection of national quality plumbing accessories.

  Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is generally used in the radiator pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe aluminum joints are overlapped and docking two, lap is generally better than the docking, because the butt of the aluminum plate is poor pressure resistance is lap Or docking can be observed from the cross section of the aluminum-plastic composite pipe.

  Identify the inner coating

  At present, the radiator sales staff will say "anti-corrosion", and provide a variety of proof, so that consumers dazzled. But many manufacturers in order to save costs, save some of the treatment within the coating part of the surface treatment does not meet the requirements, the coating thickness is not up to standard, so the current market, many do the inside of the radiator, in hot water bubble On about 5 days there will be a large area of foam, the coating began to peel off, radiator substrate rust, can imagine how its anti-corrosion performance. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of anti-corrosion radiator to be carefully chosen, do not believe in business advocacy, hand touch can be checked and check the anti-corrosion test report to a comprehensive judge. If the 1.3mm steel plate 3 years corrosion perforation, then the 2.0mm steel plate will be within 5 years of corrosion perforation, the same far can not be satisfied with the user demand for industrial electronic radiator life. In addition, the market there are some industrial electronic radiator manufacturers to vigorously promote their industrial electronic radiator products "no weld, clean and clean cavity" and so on. In fact, this on the industrial electronic radiator corrosion resistance and can not play a role. As the steel industry electronic radiator corrosion is not occurred in the weld, which is due to the corrosion of steel industrial electronic radiator is oxygen corrosion, so "no weld or cavity lubrication is not equal to no corrosion."

  Everyone in the purchase of Aluminium Radiator, be sure to be particularly careful, beware of falling into a variety of "trap". Also purchase the time to shop around, the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.