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Production Aluminium Radiator Need To Pay Attention To Matters

Aug 03, 2017

  Production Aluminium Radiator need to pay attention to matters

  With the continuous development of Aluminium Radiator, now more and more fire Aluminium Radiator attracted everyone's favor, more and more manufacturers are willing to produce them. But there are many manufacturers do not know their case, to produce a number of substandard Aluminium Radiator. Xiaobian today to come with you to discuss the production of radiator under the need to pay attention to matters.
1, cooperation process, can not be separated on the quality of the two cards. Only to seize the quality, the two sides can long-term cooperation; domestic radiator manufacturers are always trying to use a production team to create two kinds of quality products: OEM products in accordance with the agreed standards of production, the same production staff turned to Production of another standard product (often the radiator manufacturers own traditional products), which often lead to product quality instability, production and management team level is difficult to improve. More feasible approach There are two ways to learn: First, draw a dedicated production team dedicated to the production of OEM products, Aluminium Radiator or all products are raised to the same standard to production and management.

  2, concerned about the exchange rate and other factors. For OEMs in the direction of export, due to the long-term nature of their cooperation and the immediacy of exchange rate changes, the two sides should make an agreement on factors such as exchange rate, raw materials and other factors that easily affect the price. For example, the price agreed upon at the exchange rate or raw material price fluctuates to certain Amplitude, the two sides according to their actual market price in a timely manner to make the appropriate adjustments.

  3, the preferred choice and well-known enterprises OEM cooperation, which will learn from a lot of advanced management experience, through refining and pruning in line with their actual management model. The industry recognized that the level of European radiator development in China for decades, Aluminium Radiator China's radiator companies should seize the opportunity to study and catch up.

  4, before the two sides should be in the process control, quality assurance, spare parts selection, after-sales service and many other aspects of the formation of normative documents, Aluminium Radiator which is conducive to cooperation between the two sides more effective and more long-term. Radiator factory should be for each variety of models of products to establish a set of appropriate technical and management files; especially for the current radiator a lot of manual production of some of the technology how to meet the other side of the automated production standards should be clear and detailed Of the process description, to ensure that every induction workers are in strict accordance with the same operation of the production process, put an end to arbitrary.

  5, to attach importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. For the cooperation of their respective brands, proprietary technology, patents, designs, etc., in a written form to recognize each other and confirm, signed a more stringent agreement on the protection of intellectual property rights.

  6, pay attention to coordination and communication. After the cooperation in the process of attention to a wide range of coordination and communication. And large brands manufacturers, Aluminium Radiator they will send some technology, quality inspection personnel to the processing plant, processing plants should also send some sales staff, production management personnel to track, and they regularly open some seminars on the production, technology, training, Sale and other aspects of communication, communication, timely detection and solve the problem.