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Principles Of Automobile Radiators

Dec 23, 2016

Automotive cooling system's function is to make the car in all conditions can be maintained at an appropriate temperature range. Automotive cooling system air cooled and water cooled. With air as a cooling medium is known as air cooling systems, water cooling system with coolant for the cooling medium called. Usually water system consists of a pump, radiator, cooling fan, thermostat, compensation bucket, the water in the engine block and cylinder head and other ancillary devices and so on. Among them, the radiator is responsible for circulating water cooling, its water pipes and heat sinks made from aluminum, aluminum pipe into flat shapes, heat sink ripple-like, focus on thermal performance, installation direction perpendicular to the direction of the air flow, as far as possible be less wind resistance, high cooling efficiency. The flow of coolant in the radiator core and air through the radiator core. Hot coolant due to air heat and cooling, cold air is warming because of absorption cooling the liquid heat, so heat is a heat exchanger.