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Parallel Flow Auto CondenserHigh Heat Transfer Coefficient

First, the device uses:

The equipment is used for special equipment for automotive condenser gauges. A machine dual-use, cutting positioning high precision, fast, smooth cutting surface, the collector by the positioning block clamping automatic walking, automatic slotting, automatic return material. Processing every 3 seconds 1, according to the user needs to add their own positioning block, in a tube to open 2 to 6 slots.

Second, the main features:

Equipment transmission part of the linear guide, ball screw, servo motor. Electrical use of PLC and touch screen. By the servo motor, ball screw, linear guide and other components. The manifold is positioned by arc-shaped iron and positioning plug, and the manifold is horizontally mounted on the arc-shaped iron, and the positioning gap on the manifold is closely integrated with the positioning plug. A cutting of 2-6 the same specifications of the current collector, a total of several slotted slot, set the gap between the slots can be set in the NC interface operation. And through the servo feed to complete the set task. To avoid the manual feeding readings are not accurate shortcomings, so that equipment accuracy, cutting speed, cutting width and depth control accuracy. In the different diameter of the collector on the slot, replace the circular chuck block can be achieved.

Parallel flow condenser high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, refrigerant filling less, and its aluminum structure can replace a large number of copper, is one of the most promising (slightly). Current parallel flow condenser is mainly used in automotive air conditioning , The use of household air conditioning can reduce energy consumption, improve air conditioning efficiency, but will also face changes in working conditions, system matching and frost defrosting and a series of problems.This study was "based on parallel flow heat exchanger energy (2007A090302115) "and" micro-(small) channel heat exchanger and its air-conditioning system key technology industrialization (2007241) "funding, parallel to the thermal decomposition of the condenser characteristics and flow distribution (Including the superheat gas, the gas-liquid two-phase and the supercooled liquid). Each module is subjected to ε-NTU iteration to solve the heat and And the experimental results show that the model is effective.Using this simulation model, the heat distribution characteristics of refrigerant heat transfer coefficient, pressure and temperature in the existing 6 flow parallel flow condenser are analyzed.

Thermal area and the relationship between the heat of condensation: the first process of the heat transfer area weight of 28.2%, condensing heat weight of 34. (slightly) process were 7.69% and 2.27%, showing the former unit heat transfer area heat efficiency ratio The latter is high.