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Parallel Flow Auto Condenser Structure And Advantages

May 19, 2017

Structure and Advantages of Parallel Flow Auto Condenser

Hot summer, in the same Nanchang stove, one would like to be left out of the air conditioning, the best 24 hours a day are surrounded by cold air. Fortunately, modern technology developed, not only in the room can be air-conditioned, also installed in the car air-conditioning. Has been very curious, installed in the room air conditioning volume so big, that the car air conditioning it? Later learned that mainly rely on the condenser. Today we will come together to understand the current car is the most commonly used Parallel Flow Auto Condenser.

Parallel Flow Auto Condenser structure

The condenser is the main heat exchanger in the air conditioner, the heat absorbed by the air conditioning system and the heat generated by the compressor work to rely on it to spread to the outside air. So far the condenser has been developed to the third generation. The first generation is a tube type, the structure of the copper tube to wear aluminum fins; with the second generation for the tube belt, is to squeeze the aluminum flat tube bent into a serpentine, and then welded in the middle of the strip of aluminum fins, due to cancellation Copper all use aluminum structure, and optimize the refrigerant channel structure, cooling efficiency has been improved, so the weight greatly reduced; the third generation is parallel flow structure.

The Parallel Flow Auto Condenser is a major improvement on the basis of the belt type, further reducing the hydraulic radius of the aluminum flat tube, enhancing the heat transfer on the refrigerant side and with the collector on both sides of the condenser, From the gaseous to the liquid volume continues to shrink the law of the design of refrigerant channels, to further improve the cooling efficiency. This can be designed to cool the condenser, greatly reduce the wind resistance, the weight is also reduced. Parallel Flow Auto Condenser technology level can be said to have reached a very high level in the overall structure is difficult to have a major breakthrough, the improvement focus only on how to better distribute the refrigerant on the channel.

Parallel Flow Auto Condenser advantages

According to the characteristics of automotive air-conditioning system commonly used parallel flow (air-cooled) condenser more; Parallel Flow Auto Condenser is characterized by high performance, lightweight; due to the use of high-performance fins and flat tube, making Parallel Flow Auto Condenser Very light. The arrangement of the manifold and the flat tube causes the condensed liquid working fluid and the gaseous working fluid to be mixed again in the manifold, thereby greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency.

1, the pressure loss is small

Parallel Flow Auto Condenser working fluid circuit was multi-channel parallel arrangement, this arrangement makes the working side of the pressure loss than the tube condenser with more than half, thus greatly reducing the load on the compressor.

2, the volume is reduced

The internal volume of the Parallel Flow Auto Condenser and the refrigerant are 25% less than the belt condenser, thus reducing the cost and reducing the weight. While reducing the amount of working fluid, improve the economy.

3, high durability

The new material of the flat tube and fins and its anti-corrosion treatment to the condenser from the electrolytic corrosion perforation. Parts of the surface by the chemical film, electrostatic powder spray to make life longer.