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Master The Working Principle Of The Auto Condenser And Cleaning Program

Master the working principle of the Auto Condenser and cleaning program, with less

The Auto Condenser is a mechanical air conditioning system, usually located in front of the car water tank, is the heat in the tube, in a very fast way to the air near the pipeline, the gas or steam into a liquid device. All the condenser is the gas or steam heat away and run.

Most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium ions and acid carbonates, so when it flows through the metal surface, there will be carbonate generation. In addition, the dissolved oxygen in the cooling water can also cause metal corrosion, the formation of rust. Due to the generation of rust, the Auto Condenser heat transfer effect decreased, serious when the shell had to spray cooling water, if the serious dirt will plug the pipe, so that the Auto Condenser heat loss effect. So we have to plug the pipe in front of the structure, the Auto Condenser to do cleaning work.

Auto Condenser traditional cleaning methods, and can not completely remove scale and other sediments, and acid easily on the Auto Condenser corrosion, the formation of loopholes, seriously affecting the use of automotive condensers later. In view of this, choose the appropriate cleaning agent, efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, non-corrosive, not only good cleaning effect and no corrosion of the condenser equipment, to ensure long-term use of automotive condensers.