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Do You Know Anything About Auto Radiator?

Do you know anything about Auto Radiator?

Radiator belongs to the automobile cooling system, the radiator in the engine water cooling system consists of three parts, such as influent chamber, outlet room, main piece and radiator core.

Radiator cooling has reached a high temperature coolant. When the radiator tubes and fins are exposed to the airflow generated by the cooling fan and the airflow generated by the vehicle movement, the coolant in the radiator cools.

Car Cooling Equipment Quality:

There are two main types of Auto Radiators: aluminum and copper, the former used in general passenger cars, the latter used in large commercial vehicles.

Auto Radiator materials and manufacturing technology developed rapidly. Aluminum radiator With its obvious advantages in lightweight materials, in the field of car and light vehicle gradually replace copper radiator, the copper radiator manufacturing technology and technology has developed rapidly, copper brazing radiator in the passenger car, engineering machinery, heavy truck and other engine radiator advantages obvious. Foreign car matching radiator is mostly aluminum radiator, mainly from the perspective of environmental protection (especially in Europe and the United States). In the European new car, the aluminum radiator occupies an average of 64%. From the perspective of the development of automobile radiator production in China, the aluminum radiator produced by hard brazing is increasing gradually. Brazing Copper Radiators are also used on buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.

Automobile Radiator Structure:

Automobile radiator is an indispensable part in cooling system of automobile water-cooled engine, and it is developing in the direction of light, high efficiency and economy. The structure of automobile radiator has also been adapting to the new development.

The most common form of automobile radiator structure can be divided into two types: DC type and Cross-flow type.

Radiator core of the structure of the main form of the segment and tube-type two major categories. Segment Type Radiator core is composed of many fine cooling tubes and heat sinks, and the cooling pipes are mostly flat circular sections to reduce air resistance and increase heat transfer area.

The radiator core shall have sufficient flow area to allow the coolant to pass through, as well as enough air flow area to allow sufficient amount of air to pass through the coolant to the heat sink.

It must also have sufficient heat dissipation area to complete the heat exchange between coolant, air and heat sink.

The pipe-tube radiator is formed by welding of corrugated dispersed tropical and cooling pipes.

Compared with the segment-type radiator, the belt-like radiator under the same conditions, the heat dissipation area can be increased by about 12%, in addition to the heat sink with a disturbing airflow similar to the shutter hole to destroy the flow of air on the loose tropical surface of the attachment layer, improve the heat dissipation capacity.

Auto Radiator use and maintenance:

1, the radiator should not be with any acid, alkali or other corrosive properties of contact.

2, the suggestion uses the soft water, the hard water needs to soften the treatment after use, avoids causes the radiator internal blockage and the scale production.

3, in the use of antifreeze, in order to avoid the corrosion of radiators, please be sure to use the regular manufacturers and in line with national standards of long-lasting anti-rust antifreeze.

4, in the installation of the radiator process, please do not damage the loose tropical (film) and touch the radiator to ensure the ability to heat and seal.

5, the radiator in full water recharge, to first of all the engine cylinder water release switch, and then turn off, and then shut off, so as to avoid producing blisters.

6, in the daily use should be at any time to check the water level, to stop cooling after adding water. Add water, the water tank cover slowly open, the workers should be as far as possible away from the water to prevent high-pressure steam from adding water nozzle to cause scald.

7, in winter to prevent ice caused by the rupture of the core, such as long-term parking or indirect parking, should be the water tank cover and release switch, will be released.

8, the standby heat sink effective environment should keep ventilated, dry.

9, depending on the actual situation of the user should be in the 1-3 months of the radiator to completely clean the core body. Rinse with clear water along the reverse direction.

10, the water level meter should be cleaned every 3 months or depending on the actual situation, the parts removed with a warm and non-corrosive detergent cleaning.