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Currently On The Market The Most Mainstream Auto Condenser Type

  Currently on the market the most mainstream Auto Condenser type.

  According to the characteristics of automotive air-conditioning system commonly used parallel flow (air-cooled) condenser more; parallel flow condenser is characterized by high performance, Auto Condenser lightweight; due to the use of high-performance fins and flat tube, making parallel flow condenser is very light The The arrangement of the manifold and the flat tube causes the condensed liquid working fluid to be mixed with the gaseous working fluid in the manifold, thereby greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency.

  Pressure loss is small

  Parallel flow condenser working fluid circuit was multi-channel parallel arrangement, Auto Condenser this arrangement makes the working side of the pressure loss than the tube condenser with more than half, thus greatly reducing the load on the compressor.

  Volume is reduced

  The internal volume and refrigerant required for the parallel flow condenser are 25% less than the belt condenser, Auto Condenser thus reducing costs and reducing the weight. While reducing the amount of working fluid, improve the economy.

  High durability

  The new material of the flat tube and fins and its anti-corrosion treatment to the condenser from the electrolytic corrosion perforation. Parts of the surface by the chemical film, Auto Condenser electrostatic powder spray to make life longer.

  At the same time, with the continuous development of technology, on the basis of parallel flow structure, many other types of parallel flow condenser structure, such as: parallel flow condenser (KOMO) of integrated tank, Parallel flow condenser and so on.