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Copper Radiator Widely Used In Large And Medium-sized Heating And Heating System

Oct 17, 2017

The SEMEM_S type copper radiator with the "s" type straight pipe structure formed by copper pipe around the copper pipe is in and out of the main pipe on both sides of the radiator, and the airtight frame is suitable for installation. The main working medium for the steam; copper thermal conductivity, high temperature, widely used in large and medium-sized heating and heating system.

1. Long service life Copper chemical properties are not lively, at room temperature and difficult to react with oxygen and water in the air, under normal circumstances, copper corrosion rate is 25 times the steel, so the copper radiator can be used in a wider area, the service life long.

2. Good thermal conductivity. Good thermal conductivity of the material, often heat fast, heat is also fast, if some systems in use requires a lot of heat or heat, you have to use good thermal conductivity of the material. (About 418.6), copper (about 393.5), aluminum (about 211.9) times, tungsten (about 166.2), magnesium (about 153.7) and so on, the alloy of the alloy Thermal conductivity is worse than pure metal. It can be seen, the thermal conductivity of copper radiator is the best of the industrial metal.

3. High heat transfer efficiency. The heat transfer efficiency of the fin-type heat exchanger depends on two factors: the temperature of the heat medium and the finned tube material. Using the control variable method can know that, in the case of isothermal medium, the better the thermal conductivity of the material, the higher the heat transfer efficiency, and vice versa, combined with the above pure metal thermal conductivity ratio, copper radiator heat transfer efficiency High is based on.