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Auto Radiator Structure And Principle

May 19, 2017

The material and principle of Auto Radiator

Auto Radiator from the water chamber, the water chamber and the radiator core and other three parts. The coolant flows in the radiator core and the air passes through the radiator. The hot coolant is cooled by cooling the air, and the cold air heats up by absorbing the heat from the coolant.

According to the direction of the coolant flow in the Auto Radiator, the Auto Radiator can be divided into two types: longitudinal flow and cross flow. According to the structure of the Auto Radiator core Auto Radiator can be divided into tube heat sink, tube belt cooling core and plate Auto Radiator core.


There are two main types of Auto Radiators: aluminum and copper, the former for general passenger cars, which for large commercial vehicles.

Automotive radiator materials and manufacturing technology developed rapidly. Aluminum radiator with its light weight in the material on the obvious advantages in the field of cars and light vehicles gradually replace the copper Auto Radiator at the same time, copper Auto Radiator manufacturing technology and technology has made great progress, copper brazing radiator in the Buses, construction machinery, heavy trucks and other engine radiator advantages. Foreign car supporting the radiator for the aluminum radiator, mainly from the perspective of environmental protection to consider (especially Europe and the United States). In the European new car, the proportion of aluminum radiators accounted for an average of 64%. From the development prospects of China's automotive radiator production, brazing production of aluminum radiator gradually increased. Brazing copper radiators are also used in buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.


The function of the car cooling system is to keep the car in the proper temperature range under all operating conditions. The cooling system of the car is air-cooled and water-cooled. Air as the cooling medium known as the air-cooled system to coolant for the cooling medium known as the water-cooled system. Usually the water cooling system consists of water pump, Auto Radiator, cooling fan, thermostat, compensating bucket, engine body and cylinder cover in the water jacket and other ancillary devices and other components. Among them, the Auto Radiator is responsible for circulating water cooling, its water pipes and heat sinks made of aluminum, aluminum pipes made of flat shape, heat sink with corrugated, pay attention to heat dissipation, the installation direction perpendicular to the direction of air flow, As far as possible to do a small wind resistance, cooling efficiency is higher. The coolant flows in the Auto Radiator core and the air passes through the Auto Radiator core. The hot coolant is cooled by cooling the air, and the cold air heats up because of the heat dissipated by the coolant, so the car heat sink is a heat exchanger.