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Auto Radiator Need To Be Maintained

Jul 20, 2017

  Auto Radiator need to be maintained

  Summer to, we are actively looking for cool win to cool their own cooling, do not forget to have been quietly accompanied by your car cool Oh! A major unit of car cooling is the radiator, and it is often scale. Therefore, do a good job radiator clean, related to your car's health. The following by the small branch of the recipe, let you and the radiator scale Say Goodbye!

  1, manual cleaning method - I have a pair of hard-working hands

  Some owners uphold the "hands-on, abundance of food" principle, convinced that his hands can be the radiator to the extreme cleaning - if you are one of them, you have to be careful. As the radiator dismantling trouble, and the structure is more complex, and scale adhesion is relatively strong, Auto Radiator this is not only the low efficiency of cleaning, labor intensity and clean up clean, and it is easy to cause damage to the radiator can be described as effortless.

  Therefore, Xiaobian proposal, the scale is very thin, Auto Radiator a touch that is broken, and you are just very busy, you can use this method; if the rich scale of the case, you do not so struggling personally battle.

  2, the ordinary scale cleaning agent - to deal with ordinary scale

  You need to remove the radiator, and then into the ordinary scale cleaning agent. Auto Radiator It is normal, it means its effect. But it is corrosive, smell large, but also cause cleaning is not thorough and so on. Often used may cause the radiator aging, it is recommended that you do not try to easily save it easy to choose it.

  3, professional car radiator cleaning agent - let me go

  Professional car radiator cleaning agent can not only disassemble the radiator directly into, but also work under the conditions of driving Oh! It will be poured into the car cooling system, Auto Radiator soak 20 to 30 minutes, you can effectively remove the scale of the system, you can also remove the rust, soil, the effect of the bar!