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Auto Radiator Maintenance Tips

Dec 23, 2016

Auto radiators are an important component of auto cooling, so all owners must take good care of you and your car's radiator. Car radiator once the scale can have serious consequences.
First mechanical metal expansion caused by temperature, thus destroying parts meet the normal gap, increase the wear of parts should not shorten engine life. Even burn out the important parts such as cylinder head gasket, spark plugs, piston, melted valve, valve prolapse will this happen.
Second because machine high temperature, to makes lubricants stick degrees declined, not conducive to normal of lubrication, such both general damage has normal of oil film, also prompted lubricants early aging and product carbon again scale in water sets in of sank silt, it must to theatre must of volume and will reduced cooling water of capacity, while scale stick degrees Yu cooling Department and the pipeline surface, increased cooling water of resistance. And then scale in cooling the West German narrow gap first heavy siltation and clogging, forming local cooling overheating and gasification, causing the heat balance of rigid body, especially near the exhaust valve narrow waterways, cause cylinder rupture, often occur. Finally in the cooling system after you have a thick scale, still according to the standard temperature, the temperature in the combustion chamber will be higher, confuse burning temperature.