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Auto Radiator Maintenance And Repair

  Auto Radiator as the internal heat transfer components of the car, the car plays an important role, the car radiator material is mainly aluminum or copper, radiator core is its main components, containing coolant, popular The car radiator is a heat exchanger. And for the maintenance and maintenance of the radiator, most of the owners are just a little knowledge, the following I introduce the daily car radiator maintenance and maintenance.

  Radiator and water tank together as a car cooling device, on its material, the metal is not resistant to corrosion, it should avoid its acid and other corrosive solution in contact with, so as not to be damaged. For car radiators, the blockage is a very common fault, reduce the occurrence of clogging, Auto Radiator which should be injected soft water, hard water to be softened and then injected to avoid the scale caused by car heatsink blockage. Winter weather is cold, the radiator is easy to freeze and frost, so antifreeze should be added to avoid freezing of water. In the daily use should always check the water level, to stop cooling after the water. When the car radiator to add water, Auto Radiator the tank cover should be slowly open, the owner and other operating personnel should try to stay away from the body, so as not to high-pressure high temperature oil and gas spray caused by personnel burns.