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Auto Radiator Cleaning Steps

Dec 23, 2016

Step one: remove grille

Cleaning the heat sink is not a difficult thing, easy to operate. Our car repair and maintenance, car washes can ask staff for assistance when cleaning or washing their own hands. Of course the first step is to remove the front grille. Because the radiator is set inside the front grille, remove the front grille is the first step. Due to differences in each vehicle design, following the individual models of off-grid can only show a small part of the radiator, so cleaning would be relatively time consuming.

The second step: pump cleaning

If the radiator surface has large debris such as leaves and branches, you can use the hands to clean up, clean up if not you can use the air pump (there are many small air pumps for sale currently on the market, or through car wash pumps in May). Pump cleaning has some stress, permitting to fan out from the cabin inside clean, this approach can make out the dust debris was blown out of the car directly, rather than fly into the cabin. The internal structure of each car will be different, some vehicles from the internal air pump into it cannot be, that can only come from outside to inside cleaning. A lot of times even if not cleaned for a long time, judging from the appearance, the radiator is not very dirty. So many of my friends will be deceived by its appearance, has piled up a lot of dirt within the radiator, fan blows will spread out. Repeated blows several times until no dirt out, basic cleaning is done.

The third step: wash (not recommended)

In fact to back, the whole cleaning process is almost complete, although many are mentioned in the cleaning of the radiator water clean, but generally does not recommend cleaning with a water gun. Because use to pump has the effect of cleaning, and partly because of the pressure the gun itself, a little attention easier to deflect the heat sink, it will affect cooling. Of course there will be some pursuit of perfection, the owners will not wash not wash thoroughly. If this is the case, be sure to go to the regular car washes for cleaning and cleaning water straight into the radiator, angle do not tilt, from ending angle of tilt the heatsink.