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Auto Radiator Classification And Maintenance

Dec 23, 2016

Auto radiators are generally classified into water cooled and air cooled. Air-cooled engine cooling is dependent on the flow of air to take the heat in order to achieve the effect of heat. Air cooled engine cylinder exterior was designed and manufactured into a dense network of plate-like structure, thereby increasing the heat dissipation area to meet the thermal requirements of the engine. Air-cooled engine most used water-cooled engine with light weight, easy to maintain, and other advantages.
Liquid cooling radiator radiator is in charge with the high temperature of the engine coolant cooling pump task is to get the coolant circulating throughout the cooling system; the operating ambient temperature of the fan blowing directly to the radiator, making high temperature coolant in the radiator to be cooled; status of the thermostat-controlled cooling liquid circulating liquid storage tanks used as coolant.
When the vehicle is moving, dirt, leaves, debris is easy to residual cooler surface, blocking the fins results in reducing heat sink performance. In that case, we can use the brush to clean, or with high pressure air pump blowing away debris on the radiator.