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Auto CondenserCleaning Method

Aug 21, 2017

Car air-conditioning used for a long time, the condenser will have dust, catkins, leaves and small insects attached to the above, this will cause bad heat, the engine temperature rise; The condenser is a part of the outer circulation of the air conditioner, which is used to transfer the heat absorbed in the car. If the temperature is too high, will cause the pressure in the system to rise, when the pressure to a certain extent, the air-conditioning will protect the shutdown, the compressor does not work; that is, we often say the overpressure protection (also known as High voltage protection), so the condenser cleaning is very necessary.

Car Condenser Cleaning Tools

Toothbrush or brush, water gun, pipe and water pipe interface, screwdriver.

II. How to clean the car condenser

1. Wash detergent against water. The washing products of the condensation net are alkaline, and the condenser is slightly corrosive, so it is very important to reduce the concentration of water, because the high concentration only the tube will wash very clean, but the corrosive should be considered.

2, start the car, turn on the air-conditioning, so that the electronic fan rotation work. Rinse first with water, and use the rotation of the fan to make water throughout the condenser, must be in place to rush thoroughly, in the meantime may be because the condenser temperature is too low and electronic fan to stop, then to stop flushing, so that the temperature of the condenser to rise, so that the electronic fan again.

3. After the whole condenser is soaked, use the water spraying tool (such as watering the flower and so on) to spray the good washing product to the condenser surface, at this time the electronic fan also should be in the operation, and uses its operation to inhale and distributes to each corner, estimated all has sprayed enough. At this time shut down the air conditioning and engine, observe the condenser surface, a few minutes will see the surface of the dirt will slowly "float", and with some small foam, wait a few minutes (we will generally wait 10-15 minutes, depending on the concentration of the specific).

4, restart the air-conditioning to make the fan rotation, at this time to use a lot of water rinse, rinse the more thoroughly the better, this step can not be lazy, and so flush enough, you will find the condenser surface is clean, we can generally wash the condenser as new.

Some owners fear that they are not professional enough to drive car to professional car wash shop to help clean, in fact, this is also a small amount of consumption. The above is about how to clean the car condenser of the detailed introduction, hope to be able to car owners friends, their own hands to clean their car.