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Auto Condenser What Is The Sign Of Bad?

May 19, 2017

Is there a sign that the Auto Condenser is broken?

Is there a sign that the Auto Condenser is broken?

1, the role of automotive condenser principle

Auto Condensers and evaporators - although they are not the same, they are similar in structure. They are in a row of curved pipes covered with heat dissipation with the metal foil, in order to achieve the outside air and the material within the pipe heat exchange device.

Condensation of the Auto Condenser refers to the cooling of the refrigerant in its pipe from the gaseous state of the liquid. The principle is similar to the heat tank of the engine (the only difference is that the water in the tank is always liquid), so it is often installed in the front, together with the tank, enjoy the cool breeze from the front. In any case the Auto Condenser is where cool to go so that its heat is condensed. Evaporator and Auto Condenser is just the opposite, it is the refrigerant from the liquid into a gaseous (ie, evaporation) place to absorb heat.

2, Auto Condenser inspection and maintenance

(1) Auto Condenser leaks can generally be seen from the outside, such as abrasion break, leakage point oozing oil traces and so on. Evaporator leakage due to low pressure, the outer surface condensation, hidden in the evaporation box, generally not easy to be found.

The leak detection of automotive condensers and evaporators is generally achieved by the air tightness test (charge test), test pressure: automotive condenser 2.0-2.4 MPa; evaporator 1.2 MPa.

(2) The most common faults in automotive condensers and evaporators are dirt clogging and leakage. Dirt clogging can be repeated with nitrogen or dry compressed air blowing until the clean and smooth so far.

Auto Condensers and evaporators must always clean up the appearance of dirt, pay attention to heat transfer fins do not get down or damaged to ensure their heat transfer performance.

Under normal circumstances, the evaporator surface temperature is very low, but only a lot of condensation and can not frost or ice.

Air conditioning cooling effect is good or bad with the Auto Condenser heat sink cleaning, Auto Condenser surface due to dust debris cover will reduce the cooling efficiency. Once restarted, the air conditioning system pressure increases, overheating, the compressor and related components have a serious impact. Therefore, in order to ensure that the entire air conditioning system to work properly, to keep the Auto Condenser surface clean is essential.