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Auto Condenser So That The Release Of Heat Into Liquid

Oct 17, 2017

The role of the condenser is the refrigerant discharged from the compressor to cool and condense, the concept of the car placed in front of the radiator, by electronic fan cooling. When the coil is energized to produce a magnetic field to attract iron, so that the release of heat into a liquid.

In the early days, CA7220 sedan condenser is a full aluminum tube belt structure, this condenser is made of profiled porous flat tube and wave heat sink welded together, and some of the waveform is directly from the flat tube shaved. Tube and tube condenser of the flat tube and heat dissipation materials are made of pure aluminum welding, and the outer surface of the paint, the weight is also lighter, less manufacturing processes, should be mass production. It is small, light weight, cooling power than the same volume tube condenser with about 30% increase.

The function of the throttling device is to cool down the cooling and to supply the qoros evaporator refrigerant flow so that the evaporator always has a certain degree of superheat, regardless of how the compressor speed and the vehicle load change, so as to give full play to its cooling effect , And does not make the refrigerant flow into the compressor and the occurrence of liquid attack phenomenon.

It replaces the thermostatic expansion valve in the evaporator system, which is installed in the evaporator inlet tube and the liquid refrigerant flows through the throttling tube into small droplets into the evaporator. The fixed throttling pipe has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance and low cost, but it can not supply the evaporator cooling flow with the change of the compressor speed and the heat load in the vehicle.