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Auto Condenser Is Air Conditioning And Refrigeration System Used To Heat

Jul 07, 2017

  Auto Condenser is air conditioning and refrigeration system used to heat, and only its good heat to ensure that the evaporator inside the cab to produce a very good cooling effect.

  Auto Condenser in the front of the car, often dust, catkins, leaves and small insects attached to the above, this will cause poor heat, resulting in the pressure inside the refrigeration system, when the pressure to a certain degree of air conditioning will be self Protection, Auto Condenser the compressor is no longer working. Therefore, it is important to clean the dirty condenser and make it cool.

  The time to clean up the best time to start in the summer, this will put the winter dust, dry branches, spring catkins, dust clean, ready for you to use air conditioning.

  Cleaning the Auto Condenser specific method of operation

  First remove the large surface of the condenser, groceries, dirt.

  The first method is to use high-pressure gas cleaning: from the right distance with the air gun to the condenser heat sink blowing. If you can, you can also blow out from the cooling water tank. So that the two sides blowing better results.

  The second method is to rinse with water: Auto Condenser the natural pressure of the tap water can be used to rinse the surface of the condenser. The advantage of rinsing with water is that the high pressure air can not be blown away from the hidden dust. The water that can flow from the condenser is no longer Turbidity Defines clean standards.

  If you rinse with a high pressure water gun, you should ensure that the high pressure water gun will not be the condenser heat dissipation scale louis vuitton, Auto Condenser which in addition to the size of the water gun pressure, but also with the water gun from the condenser distance and the angle of the water. Should pay attention to adjustment.