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Auto Condenser Inspection And Maintenance Method

Oct 21, 2020

(1) Leakage of the condenser can generally be seen from the outside, such as scratches and bumps, leaking oil stains, etc. The leakage of the evaporator is hidden in the evaporator because of the low pressure and condensation on the outer surface, and it is generally not easy to be found.

Leak detection of condenser and evaporator is generally obtained through air tightness test (pressure test), test pressure: condenser 2.0-2.4MPa; evaporator 1.2MPa.

(2) The most common failures of condenser and evaporator are clogging and leakage of dirt. Dirty blockage can be repeatedly blown with nitrogen or dried compressed air until it is clean and unobstructed.

Condenser and evaporator must be cleaned frequently on the surface of dirt, pay attention to the heat transfer fins not to fall or damage, to ensure their heat transfer performance.

Under normal circumstances, the surface temperature of the evaporator is very low, but only a large amount of condensation does not form frost or ice.