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Auto Condenser Dust Caused By Poor Cooling Effect

Oct 20, 2017

Auto Condenser dust caused by poor cooling effect

Sun exposure in recent days, many owners have opened car air conditioning. Many owners said that not only air conditioning there is a serious smell, and the cooling effect was significantly reduced.

Car air conditioning condenser mold and dust is the main cause of odor and cooling effect is not good.

As the spring of the larger humidity, low frequency of air conditioning, air conditioning easy to form mold in the Auto Condenser, resulting in air conditioning when opening the smell. The owner can go to the service center or sterilize by spraying the fungicide.

In addition, due to long-term air conditioning, easy to lead to air conditioning in the Auto Condenser backlog of large amounts of dust. Long-term traffic in the dusty road car, dust phenomenon is more serious. Condenser dust will lead directly to the cooling effect is not good. In addition, air conditioning filter to be replaced.

Hot weather before the arrival of the best air-conditioning to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and sterilization work, at the same time pay attention to the tank to check the cooling fluid, radiator and other foreign matter, to restore the cooling effect of air conditioning, had a cool summer.