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Auto Condenser Appearance Special Maintenance Cleaning

Jun 26, 2017

  Auto Condenser appearance Special maintenance cleaning

  Car condenser with use, will become a place of filth. Dust, oil, insect corpse glial, Catkins Yang Flower and so on, the composition of which, resulting in cooling efficiency drops, air-conditioning cooling capacity decline, fuel consumption increased, water temperature higher.

  For the above problems, some small repair shop is not professional construction:

  1, with the head water or clean toilet spirit cleaning. Advantages: Easy to draw. Endangerment: Corrosion condensers and water tanks. Clean toilet Spirit for ceramic design,Auto Condenser aluminum alloy has a certain degree of corrosion. For a long time, the surface of aluminum alloy has a point of corrosion of the needle. affect the service life of components, resulting in increased maintenance costs.

  The corrosion of the head water is stronger, even some of the repair plants are afraid to use.

  2, with air pump blowing, high-pressure water gun flushing. Advantages: Low cost. Harm: can only blow away the dust and catkins and so on, for oil and shellac have no effect.Auto Condenser Cannot achieve the best conservation purpose. The car fuel consumption is high, the bulk heat efficiency is low. Water temperature is high.

  3, wash with washing powder. Advantages: Low cost. Disadvantages: Not professional, difficult to complete, to cope with a large customer composition.

  In response to market demand, new discoveries have begun to put new condenser cleaners and professional equipment on the market. More and more customer recognition.

  The new condenser fin cleaning agent,Auto Condenser developed by a professional team,Auto Condenser for condensers, water tanks and other aluminum parts surface non-corrosive, no odor, cleaning effect is remarkable. is a professional condenser maintenance supplies.

  With special tools, the newly discovered condenser fin cleaning agent can effectively dissolve propolis, oil. Can soften the asphalt attachment. So clean up thoroughly.

  Rinse off the surface of the condenser fin stains.

  After cleaning the construction of the condenser, clean as new.

  Fu Pao: Air conditioning cooler, lower fuel consumption. Parts life longer.

  Special tip: The surface of the dirty condenser, the use of new found condenser fin cleanser dosage doubled.