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Analysis Of Auto Condenser Cleaning Method

Car air conditioning used for a long time, the Auto Condenser will have dust, catkins, leaves and small insects attached to the above, this will cause poor heat, the engine temperature; Auto Condenser is the air conditioning part of the outer circulation, used to convey the heat absorbed by the car , If the temperature is too high, will cause the system to increase the pressure, when the pressure to a certain extent, the air conditioning will self-protection downtime, the compressor does not work; that is, we often say over-voltage protection (also called high voltage protection) , So the cleaning of the Auto Condenser is very necessary.

Some owners in the air conditioning will often use the water pipe to the Auto Condenser to wash, it is very correct. Because the surface of the car Auto Condenser is easy to clean the heat to the outside world, regular cleaning of the Auto Condenser surface can greatly improve the air conditioning system cooling effect. So how to clean the car Auto Condenser?

1) Wipe the detergent with water. Condensation network of washing products for the alkaline, slightly corrosive to the Auto Condenser, so the concentration of water is very important, because too high concentration will only wash very clean, but the corrosive can not be considered.

2) Start the car, turn on the air conditioner, make the electronic fan rotate working. First rinse with water, and the use of fan rotation so that the water throughout the Auto Condenser, must rush in place red thoroughly, during which may be because the Auto Condenser temperature is too low and electronic fan stop, then we must stop flushing, so that the Auto Condenser The temperature rises and the electronic fan is re-run.

3) After the entire Auto Condenser is wet, spray the washed product with the water spray tool (such as watering, etc.) to the surface of the Auto Condenser, where the electronic fan should also be running and use it The operation of inhalation and distribution to all corners, it is estimated that the spray is enough. At this point off the air conditioning and engine, observe the Auto Condenser surface, a few minutes later will see the surface of the dirt will slowly "floating", and accompanied by some small foam, wait a few minutes (we usually wait ten Fifteen minutes, depending on the specific concentration).

4) start the air conditioner again to rotate the fan, this time to use a lot of water rinse, rinse the more thoroughly the better, this step can not be lazy, wait enough, you will find the Auto Condenser surface is clean, we can Wash the Auto Condenser as new as the new one.

How to really worry about cleaning the car Auto Condenser trouble, it is best to the professional car air conditioning maintenance department, some owners will be used to wash the car with high pressure water gun or high pressure gas cleaning, this is a very bad way, because the Auto Condenser Of the heat sink is produced with a relatively thin material, with high pressure water gun or high pressure gas will make the heat sink bending deformation, affecting the heat transfer effect.