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Aluminium Radiator System Changes Should Pay Attention To The Following Precautions

Sep 27, 2017

  Aluminium Radiator system changes should pay attention to the following precautions

  Home Aluminium Radiator to transform, not just replace the Aluminium Radiator on the line, and the whole Aluminium Radiator system removed from the new design of the pipe line, Aluminium Radiator installation location, cooling mode. So the Aluminium Radiator transformation is not a small thing. The Aluminium Radiator manufacturers to remind consumers, Aluminium Radiator system changes should pay attention to the following precautions.

  First, the pipeline changes

  Aluminium Radiator manufacturers recommend that aluminum pipe is the preferred heating pipe, some consumers too old iron tube ugly, plan to replace with the Aluminium Radiator. If you have such a plan, you can buy the appearance of beautiful, better quality aluminum pipe, to replace the original heating pipe. Currently on the market there is a look of stainless steel texture of the new pipe, but also with the new type of steel Aluminium Radiator with.

  Second, the price elements

  The new Aluminium Radiator is expensive, averaging between $ 50 and $ 200 per piece. If you will be a set of three rooms and two rooms of six (including baths) Aluminium Radiator all replaced, about to spend 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. Therefore, you'd better not affect the role of indoor heating together, try to reduce the number of Aluminium Radiator to choose, to achieve the best "cost performance." So try to measure the amount of money for the most money.

  Third, the Aluminium Radiator device orientation

  What is the ability of the Aluminium Radiator to achieve the best heating effect and beautiful? Although the new Aluminium Radiator is highly adaptable, can be placed in any corner of the room, but from the best heating effect, should still be placed in the window and so on "Cold radiation" strong local, its principle is to first enter the house of cold air to heat. If your home is using a floor-to-ceiling window, place the heating on the side wall of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

  Fourth, replace the construction

  In the replacement of the Aluminium Radiator construction, we must pay attention to the local can not leak. In the general construction, the workers will replace the Aluminium Radiator, the valve on the reserved valve. End of the device to go through the stamping test to prove that there is no place to run the drip after the original heating pipe with the convergence. From the difficulty of construction considerations, you'd better not change the heating riser position. As a result, it is inconvenient for the workers to work in the neighborhood. So at this stage, safe and closed is the key.