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There Are Two Main Types Of Auto Radiator

Jun 12, 2017

  There are two main types of Auto Radiator: aluminum and copper, the former for general passenger cars, which for large commercial vehicles

  Automotive radiator materials and manufacturing technology developed rapidly. Aluminum radiator with its light weight in the material on the obvious advantages in the field of cars and light vehicles gradually replace the copper radiator at the same time, copper radiator manufacturing technology and technology has made great progress, copper brazing radiator in the bus, Engineering machinery, heavy trucks and other aspects of the engine radiator obvious advantages. Foreign car supporting the radiator for the aluminum radiator, mainly from the perspective of environmental protection to consider (especially Europe and the United States).Auto Radiator In the European new car, the proportion of aluminum radiators accounted for an average of 64%. From the development prospects of China's automotive radiator production, brazing production of aluminum radiator gradually increased. Brazing copper radiators are also used in buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.

  The radiator cover has a pressure valve which pressurizes the coolant. The temperature of the coolant at the pressure rises above 100 ° C,Auto Radiator which makes the difference between the coolant temperature and the air temperature. This can improve the cooling effect. When the radiator pressure increases, the pressure valve opens and returns the coolant to the reservoir tank. When the radiator is decompressed,Auto Radiator the vacuum valve opens and the coolant is released. During pressure increase, pressure rise (high temperature) during decompression, pressure drop (cooling)