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The difference between radiator and tank

Dec 23, 2016

Is used to hold the water of the water tank, the water in the watercourse of the car will be coming from this, of course, the main thermal effects. Tank is water type engine of important parts, as water type engine thermal loop of a important composition parts, can absorption cylinder body of heat, prevent engine overheating due to water of specific heat capacity larger, absorption cylinder body of heat Hou temperature increased is not many, so engine of heat through cooling water this liquid loop, using water as contains hot body conduction hot, again through big area of thermal tablets to convection of way thermal, to maintained engine of right work temperature.
Radiator heat exchanger coolant flow in the radiator core and air through the radiator core. Hot coolant due to air heat and cooling, cold air is warming because of absorption cooling the liquid heat, so heat is a heat exchanger.
Auto radiators are used for heat exchange between two fluids, fluid is air, another fluid is a liquid coolant. Engine part of the heat generated by the burning fuel to the coolant through close to the wall in the water jacket coolant boundary layer (short film), the metal walls of the radiator (including water pipes and heat sink), close to boundary layer on the metal wall of the outer surface of the cooling air (short film), to the atmosphere.