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Role of automobile radiators

Dec 23, 2016

Auto radiator belonging to the vehicle cooling system, engine cooling systems radiator by water, the water room, main film and the radiator core is composed of three parts. Coolant in the radiator core activities, air through the radiator core. Hot coolant to air due to heat and cold, cold air is due to receive the coolant to escape heat and temperature, so heat is a heat exchanger.

Water radiator and cooling effect, the radiator CAP is provided with air-steam valve and the hole communicated with the air of a public. When the water temperature rises, the automotive radiator cooling inflation and produce water vapor pressure, steam valve is withering air; when the water landing, pressure drop, the air valve open, the outside air from the hole in the radiator of the public, so as to ensure that the radiator pressure unchanged.

In the stomata of operations should be to ensure that the public is smooth, cannot be blocked or lose their function, otherwise it will affect the radiator and the engine's thermal performance. The cooling water inside the radiator is not pure water, but by water, antifreeze liquid composed of special use preservatives and assimilates, also known as the coolant. Contents of antifreeze in the coolant 30%~50%, the boiling point of the liquid, must work under pressure, promised work car coolant temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius, beyond the boiling point of water and does not easily evaporate.