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Radiator protection

Dec 23, 2016

Relax, everything focuses on maintenance, must always pay attention to the protection and maintenance of car radiator, small series to introduce a car radiator protection:
1, auto radiator should use clean water softening, no jams caused by sediment entering the water. winter must add qualified aluminum radiator antifreeze, after using water should be discharged to prevent cracking caused by leaking pipes.
2, open the radiator CAP in a hot state, slowly unscrew it until all steam discharge and then removed.
3, car radiator installation without damage to tropical and scratches heat pipes should be firmly installed in the appropriate position, hood should ensure correct placement.
4, to prevent radiator corrosion of parts, fully guarantee the normal service life, the radiator may not come into contact with acids and bases. non-oils, adhere to the heat sink effect on the thermal properties of the soil.