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How to prevent auto radiator boiling

Summer, scorching temperatures continued to rise. Such a high temperature, easy auto water temperature increased sharply, resulting in "a:" all the owners can advance cooled ready for the car. However, how to prevent car "a:"?
Check the cooling system
Owners and friends should always check the cooling system, doing maintenance work, ensure that the sensitivity of components such as radiators, fan.
Clean water tank
If the excessive accumulation of dust and other impurities on the surface the water tank, will seriously affect the thermal performance of the water tank, it should promptly clean up the dirt on the surface of the water tank.
To fill the water tank with water
Owner at the front every day and see if the water tank is lack of water filled in a timely manner. Also be stored in the trunk with a bucket of water for a rainy day.
Observe the driving temperature
Owner friends to long drive or a long drive, should observe the water temperature in the process, if the water temperature is too high, should be pulled to a safe place to rest.
Stuck in traffic, turn off the air conditioning
All owners of friends stuck in traffic when the air conditioner off, so as to reduce the speed of temperature rise, prevent "a:".
Using hot-air cooled
If the car has been "a: ' phenomenon, owner of in-car air conditioners can be transferred to the outer loop, hot air, which can help the rapid cooling of the engine.