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Heatsink requirements for materials

Dec 23, 2016

Heat transfer coefficient is an important parameter of evaluating radiator thermal performance, many factors, heat sink effect of the thermal conductivity of the material and welding quality on them is very large. Improve heat transfer coefficient can improve thermal efficiency radiator size is smaller and the quality to achieve better heat dissipation. Therefore, the thermal conductivity of the heat sink material is essential.
Automotive radiators of poor working conditions, generally located on the car front end wind, not only to withstand rain and car exhaust fumes and pollution of sand, mud, and also the repeated thermal cycles and periodic vibration. In addition, the long-term flow of coolant in the radiator, which may be mixed with corrosive and harmful ingredients, radiator rust and corrosion. Therefore, in order to ensure a reliable heatsink thermal role to play, on properties of heat sink material has the following requirements:
(1) with good thermal conductivity.
(2) have a certain strength and strong corrosion-resistance.
(3) good soldering properties and processing performance.
(4) good economic performance.