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Car radiator engineering plastics

Dec 23, 2016

In order to reduce weight, improve corrosion resistance and saving non-ferrous metal, lots of new material began to be used on the radiators. In practical applications, radiator water Chamber material has gradually been replaced by plastics on copper. Is commonly used to join glass-filled nylon 66 (PA66) injection into the radiator water Chamber and mechanically with the radiator core Joint Assembly, through the rubber sealing ring on the joints to achieve good sealing and anti-vibration effects. In addition, nylon 66 has excellent corrosion resistance, the radiator is good; Good plasticity allows cooling parts light and beautiful; Temperature resistance can be makes radiator chassis remained intact without any bends, gas flow radiators will not be reduced.
At present, the domestic production of cars has been widely used plastic or aluminum structure of radiator, such as xiali 1.3L, Santana and so on. The radiator light weight, simple production process, injection molding, low cost.