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Auto radiator problem how you know?

Dec 23, 2016

Owner if found leaking phenomenon in a water tank, first go to the repair shop check, replacement of the water tank, if the leaks persist, the owner should consider:

1. check whether water tank cover is fastened.

2. tried pouring gas into the tank, look at the water tank when the water pressure is the location from which seeps, and then decided to fix.

3. unscrew the engine oil CAP, there is no trace of oil emulsion (punch or kills them), if there is, open engine to replace cylinder head gasket.

4. water quality problems.

If it is in the car while driving, automobile or vehicle accidents, make the water tank when the water pipe leakage, may take measures based on the specific circumstances:

Leaks no more than 1mm when cracks or 2mm holes, adding a bottle of water into the water tank strength blocking Agent, start the car operation.

5-10 minutes after the opening began circulation of cooling water, cooling system, neither the tank nor the rubber tubes and the pad, water (or coolant) will stop leaks, stop the leak does not need to be released, will not affect the thermal and blocked.

If stop leak additive carried on individual heat pipes leaking slightly, temporarily cut tobacco placed in the tank, use water pressure, the tobacco plug in heat pipe leaks, temporary use.

Tank heat pipes to leak more serious, leaky radiator pipe can be cut from a leaking, smeared SOAP on the cotton plug was cut off heat pipes and heat pipe was cut on the head with pliers clip flat seam pressure tight to stop leaking.

Rubber fittings leaking, time with a screwdriver the rubber fitting clamp rubber fitting around the two, then tighten with pliers. If the hose is damaged, broken tape wrapped tight, temporary use.