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Analysis of technology of automobile radiator

Dec 23, 2016

Automobile radiator technology and quality to meet the needs of domestic support. Industry key enterprise has its own research and Development Center, with product design and development teams, facilities and necessary means of detection. Companies through with wind tunnel testing, leak testing instrument and pressure cycle test units, thermal stress testing, test equipment, guarantees the product quality is stable and improving.
But overall, the radiator industry compared to the current level and international there are gaps, mainly reflected in the product reliability and thermal performance, production automation, material utilization, and so on.
① backbone enterprises have introduced international advanced production equipment, such as core-tube making machines, rolling machines, Assembly machines, but the device is still not very high degree of automation, many processes are still manual, mixed line production, product quality is stable.
② welding technology in China and abroad has some gaps, aluminum radiator brazing technology is widely used, copper radiator in copper and solder welding, copper brazing technique rarely used in the country, so there is a gap in terms of reliability, compared with foreign countries.
③ automobile and engine thermal system design, mold design and manufacturing capabilities with the advanced international technology gap.
④ materials utilization around the national average in calendar now, XI h} high.
Due to the very high standards for reliability and thermal performance of the heatsink in order to meet the relevant technical requirements, leading radiator manufacturer adopts automated production equipment, pipe mill welding is used in large automation equipment. Product testing is also important, to use a lot of special testing equipment to ensure product quality. But some small plants because of funding problems, and tend to buy other manufacturers of heat pipes, with the hand-operated, but the quality is difficult to ensure, and low productivity.
Independent manufacturer of radiators in order to explore the OEM market, tend to have strong independent research and development ability, especially today's launch of new models quickly, running when the vehicle research and development capability is very important, which not only requires a lot of testing equipment and basic data, but many experienced developers. Some large radiator manufacturer in China can basically meet the needs of manufacturers synchronization of research and development.