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Jiangxi Xintian Auto Industry Co., Ltd, covering more than 10,000.00 ㎡,is located in Economic and Technological Development Zone of Yichun Jiangxi. We are a private-owned enterprises specialized in design, production and sales of auto radiator, intercooler, condenser, plastic intake manifold, auto gauge, and sensors for auto aftermarket recognized by ISO/TS16949. Xintian has won honors in the fields of innovation,environment-friendly,and high-tech areas,and has been granted a trustworthy company in China. At present, condensers,auto radiators and plastic intake manifold have been exported to United States, Germany,Russia,South America and Middle East areas,successfully established a marketing network covering mainland China,Taiwan,Europe,America,Middle East areas,Asia and other regions. Meanwhile in domestic market,we have more than 30 distributors with stable business.Moreover,Xintian is also a OEM supplier for Sinotruck and Hyundai. Xintian, focusing on innovation,quality,trust and harmony, is pushing Xintian people to achieve the goal of”Xintian,be with the times”

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Auto Radiator Or An Important Part Of The Car...Car radiator is the main parts of the car cooling system; its function is to distribute heat, cooling water in the water jacket to absorb heat, flow to the heat sink after the heat dispersed, and then back to the water jacket and the cycle continued. So as to achieve the effect of cooling thermostat. It is also an important part of the car engine.